Sail as a Trainee

Joining us as a Trainee is your chance to experience an incredible educational voyage. You will be part of an international team and will actively participate in all aspects of life on board.

Setting sails, taking the rudder... but also keeping watches and cleaning the ship. The time on board is fun but also hard, and that helps us working on some very essential skills for personal development.

atyla trainees

Our Personal Development Programme has been designed to improve 5 life skills; Intercultural Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Environmental Responsibility and Emotional Intelligence. There will be a coach on board who will take you through these topics and who will fully support you throughout your time on ATYLA.

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No previous experience required

Our adventures are open to anyone who wants to join. Trainees on board are between 15 and 70 years old, and since they come from several countries the official language on board is English (although you only need a medium level of English in order to participate).

Join the Adventure!

You can place your booking on our website (also for several consecutive trips). We offer free cancellation for 5 days after your booking.

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If you can’t afford the cost of a voyage then please check out the scholarships from our Equal Opportunities Initiative.

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atyla trainees
atyla trainees
atyla trainees

Sailing as trainee includes:

Insurance for accidents and personal effects
Personal Development Workshops
Sail Training Workshops
A Personal Coach
A Bunk Bed & 3 Meals a Day