Sail as Passenger

Are you tired of predictable package holidays? Have you ever wanted to explore the open sea on board a classic tall ship? Then make your next holiday an adventure onboard ATYLA!

The international training ship ATYLA opens her doors to people looking for a different kind of pleasure cruise, truly in contact with the ocean and using the energy of the wind. As a passenger you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as swimming, fishing, relaxing on the deck and taking loads of pictures while you ride the waves on a beautiful wooden ship with the sun on your back. On arrival in port you’ll have the chance to explore the city where we stop from your full board accommodation in the ship.

atyla passenger
atyla passenger atyla passenger
atyla passenger
atyla passenger
atyla passenger
atyla passenger
atyla passenger

Sailing as a passenger provides a unique opportunity to witness our Educational Programme in action. Perhaps you have a friend or relative sailing on board ATYLA as a trainee? Book as a passenger and you can also enjoy the incredible experience of cruising across the open ocean, but we’ll sail ATYLA for you!

Enjoy this full board package with three freshly prepared meals made daily by the ship’s cook. These can be enjoyed either on deck, surrounded by views of the open sea, or in the spacious lounge cabin. Passengers are provided the cosiest private bunks in the ship. As you lay your head on your pillow at night, you’ll hear the sound of the ocean.

In addition, by sailing with ATYLA as a cruise passenger, you’ll also feel proud of supporting a meaningful educational cause. Our nonprofit organisation provides many young adults with a life-defining experience that develops important skills such as teamwork, intercultural communication, and leadership. All profit made from bookings by passengers is used directly to fund our educational programme.

Each Passenger Booking includes

Complete freedom to join the ship’s activities or enjoy free time
Full board - 3 meals a day & a cosy private bunk
Insurance for all activities on board
The opportunity to visit at least 2 coastal cities with unlimited free time
Official ATYLA T-Shirt
The right to say “I've supported ATYLA's Educational Programme”

As well as sailing as an individual passenger on our scheduled voyages, ATYLA also offers the possibility of chartering the entire ship for trips of one or more day